Add style, more light, and savings in one installation. Our customers average savings per month will help pay for the installation in as little as one year! Upgrade your old T8 lighting fixtures with technologically advanced T8 and T5 lighting and electric ballasts or LED lighting fixtures and SEE the difference! Let our team of lighting fixture experts at Pearl Lighting help build a custom lighting solution for you. Our proposal will show you:

Energy Savings: You can expect between 15 and 50% (data needed here)

Longer Lasting Bulbs: Newer technology bulbs have a lifespan of about 36,000 hours at 12 hours per day burn time.

Improved Appearance: Your staff and customers will notice a big difference in the quality of light at the office and warehouse.

Spend Less on Maintenance: Better technology means longer lasting bulbs and ballasts, we’ll show you how.

Utility Rebates: many states offer tax incentives for upgrades, helping to cover the cost of the installation*.

Your Lighting is an Investment: Upgrading your lighting fixtures in an investment in your building, essentially increasing its curb appeal and overall value.

Help the Environment: Upgrading your lighting fixtures and ballasts will not only make your office or warehouse look better, you will feel better about making an Eco-friendly decision.

Choosing the right lighting source can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be. Let the experts at Pearl Lighting help you make the right decision today!

* Source: lighting.aspx

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