T8 and T5 Lighting Contractor

When choosing a lighting solution, there are several factors to consider including size of the bulb, brightness, cost, and energy efficiency. There are a few bulbs to consider with T5, T8, and T12 to name a few. The “T” in the name simply refers to the size and efficiency of the bulb, with T5 being smaller than T8 and T12. T5 is 5/8”, T8 is 1 inch, and T12 is 1.5 inch diameter. Each bulb has an efficiency rating, with T5 generally being the most efficient of the 3.

Color Rendering Index and Lumens Per Watt

The quantity of the light is measured in Lumens Per Watt (LPW) and is also known as luminous efficiency. This is measured as a ratio between the total luminous flux emitted by the bulb and the total amount of input power, in this case Watts. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) refers to the quality of light and the ability of the bulb to reveal natural colors of an object in comparison to a natural light source. For reference, the highest possible CRI is 100 which is natural light. Below is a chart outlining the main differences in the bulbs:

T5 Bulb: smallest bulb, most efficient, 99 (LPW), 85 (CRI)

T8 Bulb: medium size, very efficient, 90LPW, 85 CRI

T12 Bulb: largest size, lowest efficiency, 78 LPW, 62 CRI

Cost versus brightness and efficiency should also be considered, but this is not as easily determined. For example, T5 bulbs generally cost almost twice as much as a T8 bulb, but in some situations the brightness is negligible. Interestingly though, both T8 and T5 bulbs have around the same life expectancy at 36,000 hours at 12 hours per day burn time, so it is even more important to consult with the lighting fixture experts at Pearl Light to make the right choice.

The experts at Pearl Lighting will help you create and implement a lighting solution that is right for your business and budget.

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