Light Emitting Diode, or LED, is a fantastic way to brighten up your office, warehouse, or any other space that needs brilliant lighting. The benefits of LED’s are many: highly efficient, environmentally friendly, long lasting, and controllable. Controllable in this case is important for you, because it allows us to install custom lighting solutions that showcase your showroom floor, your warehouse space, or your school gym, in ways that were not previously possible.

The real question though: Is LED the right lighting solution for my business? Let the professionals at Pearl Lighting help answer that question! We will work with you to determine your specific lighting goals and needs. If you require bulbs that are dimmable, or if you simply want a better quality light, you may consider LED lighting fixtures. Or perhaps you are looking to add some direction lighting your your showroom floor, or want better efficiency out of your light bulbs. Since the lifespan of LED lights are not effected by turning them on and off, they make an excellent fluorescent replacement bulb for your control system. If your office or warehouse has a control system or occupancy sensor, consider replacing those bulbs with high-quality LED bulbs for better performance.

Advantages of LED lighting fixtures:

  • They contain no mercury, thus safer for the environment
  • The are more efficient, with some tests showing up to 30% better efficiency over traditional T8 bulbs.
  • Bright light – LED’s generate high lumen output, ensuring bright, clean light.
  • Highly reliable – LED’s are able to operable more effectively in cold environments, and since they have no moving parts, are able to stand movement and vibrations.
  • LED’s can be electronically controlled and dimmed.
  • The average LED lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours versus 30,000 in a traditional bulb.
  • LED’s are much more efficient, essentially paying for the installation via monthly cost savings.

Consider contacting the professionals at Pearl Lighting for a consultation today!